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Custom Cellular stocks and installs the complete K40 line of Radar detection and Laser diffusion systems. Now in stock the new Calibre Dual Bluetooth® Radar Receivers. CALIBRE's exclusive, patented design mounts separate Bluetooth enabled radar receivers behind the front grill and rear bumper ~ strategically positioned for the fastest capture of radar signals. Distinct verbal or tone and visual alerts let you know exactly when and where to look for police.

CALIBRE detects all FCC allocated police frequencies including X, K and Ka Superwide. Also, VG-2 Stealth Guard™ passively and actively conceals your system from a police VG-2 Gun (radar detector detector).

With Laser Defuser® (optional) you'll deactivate police laser capability by emitting a powerful infrared signal back to the gun at a pulse rate the gun can't understand. It actually deactivates the ability of the laser gun to measure speed, while you receive audio & visual warnings that give you the precious time you need to react and reduce your speed.

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radar detector & laser scrambler

The new wireless remote for the K40 Calibre Bluetooth system.

K40 is so confident in their products, that they will pay for your speeding ticket, if you do get one, with their equipment being installed in your vehicle!.

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Bluetooth Defuser Integrates with the Bluetooth CALIBRE Remote System

  • Deactivates all police laser guns
    Protects you from costly laser tickets.
  • Unique audible and visual warning
    Monitors the road ahead and alarms when you are being hit by police laser.
  • Strategically located
    Mounted up front in license plate frame for the best possible protection against police laser guns.
  • Durable frame housing
    Made of one of the strongest synthetics available.
    Protects unit against normal wear.
  • Universal mounting bracket
    Allows for custom mounting outside of the frame.


laser scrambler
radar detector

Above is the undetectable K402000 with just the small LEDs being visible. The speakers are hidden inside the airvents. The city/highway/volume control switch is mounted usually out of view, but accessible to the driver.

The above laser diffuser system is usually mounted inside a license plate frame. The small diffusers can also be removed from the frame and mounted under grills but not behind bumpers or other car body parts.